Privacy Policy

Here at Streaks we are committed to protecting your privacy and data as far as we legally can. Most privacy policies scare the bejesus out of us, so we’ve tried to put this in human terms.

What information do we collect?

When you use Streaks there is certain information you provide us with. This is:

  • The email address, and password of your Streaks account.
  • Your habits you want to maintain.
  • When you’ve completed those habits.

Additionally, we can access certain information which we may use to make our services better:

  • Your IP address and anonymized Google analytics information about how you use our app.
  • Anonymous crash data.

What information do we NOT collect?

  • Your payment information is handled by Google Play Store.
  • We do not knowingly solicit or collect information from those under 13, in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Our app is intended for use by those over 13.

How do we store your information?

Your information will be saved in our secure servers. We use SSL encryption to secure your data during transmit and store it on servers that only a handful of trusted employees of Streaks can access.

Why do we store your information?

We store your information so we can provide our services like Syncing to multiple clients and data recovery in case of data loss.

Third Parties

  • We never share your information with third parties beyond those required to serve you.
  • We never rent or sell your information to any other third parties (e.g. advertisers, data brokers, journalists, external businesses, deities, your disapproving relatives) and we will never otherwise share your data unless required to by law or subpoena.
  • We are not a subsidiary or cog in some larger corporate machine that can access your information. We are fiercely independent, always and forever!


If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email us at [email protected] We’ve got your back!