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Streaks - Daily Habit Tracker

Simple Habit Tracker

Do you want to become a better writer? A better programmer? A better musician? A better comedian?

This app will help you get better at whatever you want to by turning it into a habit. Simply enter what you want to accomplish everyday and by what time. The app will automatically ask you at that time whether you completed the task or not.

After a few days you've completed the tasks, you've have a running streak. All you need to do now is not break the streak and see yourself get better during the course of your life.

Duster - Delete useless photos

Tinder style photo remover

Look at photos in your phone, Tinder style. Decide to keep them or delete them.

This app will help you free up a lot of space in your phone. Delete all useless photos you find in your phone and reclaim that good storage space.

You'll eventually end up finding your old photos which you might want to share. Fear not. You can do that right from the app itself. :)